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What in your opinion is the most Critical industry or profession?

I am sure most of you will answer a HOSPITAL or doctor. It is true that people are concerned most about their health and would think a number of times before going to any hospital or concerning any doctor.

For someone visiting a hospital for the very first time, the only source which could provide him unbiased information is reviews or feedbacks on the website of that hospital and any hospital with qualified or even over qualified doctors, but negativity on the website will always struggle to attract the audience, especially the one with internet access.

Sometimes the review may be true but many times it is possible that it is a poor strategy of any competitor to degrade your value in order to increase the footfalls on his doorsteps.

Hence every review plays a critical role on any platform may it be website or application or any social media.

We try to make sure, your patients are not distracted by anyone through any fake or irrelevant information.

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